Since the creation of modern project management, qualified management professionals have been one of the most in-demand, well-compensated, and important business hires. For those willing to work hard, project management can be an exciting and very rewarding career path. Project management is also a career of life long learning. And today, there are more options for honing your skills, gaining professional certifications, or achieving higher degrees than ever before. That's why we're here: to help aspiring or current project management professionals to obtain well-researched and timely information on project management education, career paths, and professional resources. Whether you're yet to leave school and trying to prepare for a career in project management, you're a seasoned veteran looking for professional education, or you're an entrepreneur looking to grab some new skills, chances are we've got you covered.

Popular project management program rankings

We start all of our rankings by consulting the highest possible accreditation standards in a discipline and looking at every degree of the type being considered. We then narrow down our selections with a number of time-tested metrics that matter most to online (and often non-traditional learners). We understand that many students pursuing project management education are in the middle of their careers, or if they aren't, are looking to jump right into the work force and make their mark. For this reason all of our rankings include not only admissions standards, but how accomodating programs are to non-traditional learners. We direct our rankings towards quality flexibile programs through monitoring program features that allow students to accelerate their degrees, slow them down, bypass subjects they already have experience with, and provide a number of specialization areas. With that said, we also make sure to align our ranking picks with industry expectations, academic quality, and selectivity data. If you're interested in how we've compiled one of our rankings below, we've included more detailed descriptions of our ranking process on each ranking, or you can contact us with questions of your own.

Financial Matters

Almost all degree programs are substantial investments. And graduate business degrees can be some of the most expensive. On the other hand, the payoff for business degrees is one of the highest of all degrees. Even though education costs have accelerated faster than almost any other purchase type over the last few decades, it doesn't mean you have to break the bank to go to school. Our years of education journalism experience have pointed us to many outstanding resources, tips, and tactics for staying out of debt you aren't comfortable with. Aside from our affordability rankings of project management degrees, we've also prepared a wide variety of informational material on financing your schooling. Check out our resources on higher education affordability today.